"It's my job to be better than the rest and
that makes the day for me." J. Buffett

After 10 successful years in the graphic design industry as a typographer, Kim Kenyon founded Kenyon Graphics in 1993. At Kenyon Graphics, we have what it takes to meet the needs of clients and we've grown primarily through client referrals. Kenyon Graphics can meet all your design needs from logo design/branding, to layout, photography, illustration, web design and printing. We are also experts in custom business forms design and maintain a strong client base of several forms brokerage companies.

Client Quotes:

"Kenyon Graphics and Kim continue to exceed our expectations. We have enjoyed a 4+ year relationship and consider Kenyon Graphics part of our team."
Kevin Gaffney, International Gas Turbine Institute

"Kenyon Graphics has made a positive impact on our business. This is due to superior graphic design and superior customer service!"
- Scott Haralson, MediSource, Inc.


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